How Recurring Billing Works with Your Processing Account

If your business offers subscriptions, memberships, or payment plans, a recurring billing system can help you manage your recurring payments so that every month, your customers’ credit cards are automatically charged. You won’t need to worry about sending a monthly bill or tracking down your customers for payments – it’s easy, streamlined, and ensures you never have to deal with a cash flow problem.

When you set up recurring billing, your card processing account will act as a vault that stores your customers’ credit card information as well as the amount that their cards will be charged each pay cycle. Once this system is established, customers’ cards will be automatically charged every pay period, and invoices and receipts will be sent to them without you ever needing to do a thing.

Setting up a recurring billing schedule for your customers is very simple if you choose the right credit card processing provider. All you’ll have to do is enter in the credit card information and recurring payment amount for your customers, and your processing provider will take care of the rest to start you on your way toward timely payments from all your customers.