Finding a Processor for Your Vet Clinic

Every business is unique. And a vet clinic is no different. A credit card processing provider needs to help your business not only stay in business, but grow. The right credit card processing provider will offer solutions for every aspect of your veterinary business. For example:

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Clients that require expensive surgeries and procedures for their pets may need to pay for services in installments. To accommodate these clients, you’ll need a processing provider who can assist you in setting up a recurring billing system so that your clients’ credit cards will be automatically be charged on a monthly basis so you can focus on helping more animals, not worrying about collecting payments.

If your veterinary clinic makes house calls, your clients may want to have the ability to pay with their credit or debit card instead of dealing with the inconvenience of getting cash or writing a check – especially in more rural areas that need large animal care. To allow these clients more payment options, you’ll need a processing provider who can offer you a wireless or mobile terminal to bring with you. These tools will allow your clients to swipe their card as if they were in the office, sign, and go.

Many veterinary clinics offer the ability to pay for medication or other pet supplies through an online store. In order to accept online payments, however, you’ll need a processing provider who can set you up with an online shopping cart. A good provider will also be able to provide you with the tools and resources to make sure your website is secure and optimized for the internet as well.



For a small business unit, it is always better to outsource its accounting work as it is much more cost effective compared to hiring a fulltime accountant.